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Oyezzz is pronounced oh-yez. Yez rhymes with res – like in reservation.
Oyezzz means open your eyes.

What does open your eyes mean to you?

Oyezzz is a movement that is far greater than any one individual, culture, or community. Regardless of our individual flaws, imperfections, or shortcomings, Oyezzz is not only the home of groundbreaking brands, motivation, inspiration, and Titles & Tributes, Oyezzz is also informative, educational, and a platform for all those affected by social and criminal injustices. Oyezzz enjoys your laughter, welcomes your stories, and encourages your voice. I am you so I speak loudest for you. Word of mouth and social media introductions, social media likes, follows, posts, reposts, and tags are greatly appreciated.

The VISION of Oyezzz
We envision a society driven by equality, integrity, humility, social justice, and a single standard for opportunity in education, employment, and housing. We believe in families, fairness, and love for mankind. We believe in dreamers!

The MISSION of Oyezzz
It is our mission to share the power and purpose of our story – a story of justice miscarried and its consequences – in order to create a better world for all mankind, especially for those who are left most vulnerable because of their race, gender, citizenship status, or age. To that end, we will use every outlet at our command – media, social media, the power of the Internet, and more – to reach every American and to tap the Power of the People to protest injustice and demand a government more responsive to the needs of all our citizens.

Viewers & Future Writers


Respectfully I am not a professional writer. I simply write without fear as a vehicle of expression while encouraging others to do the same as a better option to avoid violence.

The Oyezzz family believes healthy messages are more important then educated or professional presentations regardless of how unorthodox one’s presentation maybe.

Oyezzz aims to inspire, encourage, and showcase the writer in you regardless of your strengths and or weaknesses in doing so.

The Oyezzz family does not support terrorist acts, gun violence, bullying, intimidating, hate, or any like violent, nonviolent, or counterproductive behaviors.

Oyezzz wholeheartedly supports and encourages your truth, humility, equality, and a healthy process toward change and the betterment for all.


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Respectfully Please Take A Moment To Read My Story

Respectfully Please Take A Moment To Read My Story

As the founder of Oyezzz, it is important for me to share my personal but powerful story. The documented injustice done unto me and my family is far greater than any one particular case, individual, culture, or community. Therefore it is extremely important to highlight the importance of our alleged due process, civil rights, and constitutional protections that are supposed to be applicable to all United States citizens.

Unfortunately, racial profiling and its DNA, although known to be constitutionally invading and illegal, remains a part of our American norm. In urban, suburban, and rural America many times as individuals, communities, and cultures we are forced to constantly question if due process, civil rights, and constitutional protections apply to us.

In my personal case from the very beginning to date, I notified my lawyers and all judicial parties relevant that my arrest and subsequent conviction was founded on racial profiling, constitutionally invading behaviors, and activities. I even went as far as filing an internal complaint in February 2014, prior to trial that remains dead on point to this very day.

To date, the State of Ohio, the Lorain County Prosecutor’s office, and the State of Ohio Highway Patrol individually and collectively are very familiar with the constitutionally invading truths regarding my own and so many like arrests from their area with these particular officers.

My star key witness to date remains the pursuing and arresting officer Trooper Christopher Beyer’s patrol cruiser dash cam video of June 14, 2011. Collectively the State of Ohio with the assistance of my then ineffective retained counsel Jack Bradley tried keeping the video from me.

In addition in June 2012, at my suppression hearing without notification or authority, Jack Bradley unbeknown to me prior to the hearing even went as far as waiving the viewing of my strongest piece of evidence being the above-mentioned dash cam video. To date the question remains; why would Jack Bradley waive the strongest piece of evidence? The video undeniably highlights the truth and all mentioned violations. Bradley’s actions for sure could not have been of any strategic value only malice.

In fact, because of credibility concerns with both troopers Christopher Beyer and Michael Trader in July 2013, I submitted a Brady/Exculpatory request relevant to the video, LEADS (Law Enforcement Automated Data System), and more.

In violation of my defense and Brady rights, the State of Ohio has denied that request to date.

Going even deeper I saw the video for the first time with the trial jurors on the first day of my trial in February 2014. On Day 2 of my trial with the undeniable video support, I notified the judge that I wanted to recall both troopers to address the 4th amendment issues. Trial judge John Miraldi eventually denied my recall request stating, “Trooper Beyer was out of state on vacation.”

Therefore after the public reviews, the edited (highlighted & original long form also provided to avoid legality question), version of the video via Oyezzz several questions will arise not limited to the following: Are highway patrol officers across America patrolling the highways with predetermined or premeditated illegal sets of circumstances to perpetuate racial profiling, civil rights, and constitutional violations?

Surely the injustices documented in my personal case are undeniable.

The public must be aware of the fact that any such constitutionally invading behaviors and activities documented being committed by law enforcement and or judicial officers to this magnitude are just as criminal as any alleged nonviolent or violent charge in America including drugs, murder, kidnapping, etc.

Per the law, no conviction can legally stand if the conviction is supported by the record to be founded on perjury, due process violations, civil rights violations, or constitutional violations. In short, without a legal beginning, there can never be a legal ending.

Fortunately for me, my story is documented in its entirety. No footage has ever been completely documented and exposed for educational purposes to this degree before by a defendant via social media.

There are literately hundreds of thousands of incarcerated people across America via the same or similar behaviors known and supported by their records that are not as fortunate.

The first ten minutes of the video undeniably confirms Beyer falsified the arrest reports, committed perjury under oath, committed due process, civil, and constitutional violations and more, well before my illegal detention and or arrest in June 2011.

The mentioned video was the State of Ohio’s sole piece of evidence. However, all judicial officers conveniently ignored the first ten minutes of the video and every clear violation under the sun to justify using fruits of a poisonous process halfway through the video.

Although it’s alleged judges and lawyers speak their own languages based on sophisticated levels and facets of law, the blatant disrespect exhibited by all too many alleged law enforcement and judicial officers does not graduate the realm of the obvious and common sense.

Today our legal processes have digressed to, (1) relying on procedures over merits, and (2) magnifies political pressures based on perceptions, relations, and career stabilities, which ultimately undermines the intent of civil rights and constitutional protections.

The magnitude of racial profiling, constitutionally invading policies, and tainted policing activities fueled and ignited by judicial support caters to why there are so many illegal convictions and mass incarcerations.

In fighting for justice in a time where overcharging and over indicting is running ramped, regardless of our levels of proof and or record support, obtaining favorable evidence is no longer our primary hurdle.

However, finding a judge to uphold the law that clearly states in part, “Without a legal beginning there can never be a legal ending,” has become the gauntlets and the obstacles.


What does open your eyes mean to you?



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